BookiePro (PPY):
BookiePro (BTFUN):
Web Wallet GPOS:
Web Wallet OLD:
Web Wallet for Testnet:

Nodes specs:

Alice (mainNet):


Beatrice (testNet):


    Servers specs:

  • 8 × Intel Xeon Processor (Skylake, IBRS)
  • 31 GB RAM / 236 GB disk space
  • Germany
  • Benchmark results summary:
  • UnixBench - 4517.2
  • Disk Read - 5246 MB/s
  • Disk Write - 1696 MB/s
  • Bandwidth - 947.42 MB/s

[ Updated 17 February 2020 ]

About me:

I joined the blockchain world in 2014. For me, "BitShares" became a guide to this world. I worked for OpenLedger in a full-stack web-developer position from 09.2014 to 01.2018, until our paths diverged. I was engaged in the development of cryptocurrency gateways, in the process of work I had to get acquainted with various blockchains, also had to dive into the ecosystem of Graphene.

The very idea of ​​the blockchain inspires me so much that I spend a lot of time delving into some areas, ranging from general technology news to writing my own trading bots and utilities for interacting with the blockchain. In my opinion, games, and in particular, PeerPlays is the area where the blockchain solves a specific problem, namely, it offers provably fair games.

Why vote for me?

1. Having received an initial advance of trust from the community and becoming an active witness in the PPY network since November 2018 -

I received an excellent experience and opportunity to participate in the launch of the new test network Beatrice. From the beginning of my activity - I only missed 1765 blocks, which happened even in the first week of my work, the lesson went to benefit and a number of measures were taken to keep the number of blocks skipped to a minimum.

In 99%, I update the necessary software and servers with a very fast response, usually on the day the update is released. Built a reliable infrastructure with monitoring of its state.

2. Believing in the project and seeing in it a huge potential, I am the holder of the PPY coins. As a seller - I only to the extent that I need to pay for servers, so I invest my time and skills in maintaining the network, and not chasing short-term profits.

3. Also, from a part of my third-party profits in cryptospace, I acquire PPY and increase my share in a cold wallet. This item most often eliminates item 2 and covers the cost of the server.

4. I also want to note that I was interested in the long-term growth in the price of the PPY coin, so I have several different automated trading bots on various exchanges - to reduce volatility and also to flush loose coins from weak hands.

5. Since I am interested in this field and I dedicate time to it, then being quite motivated and having your support, I will contribute to the support witness nodes and improvement and development of the opensource web-wallet and creating additional utilities for the PeerPlays blockchain. (The item of improve web wallet - awaiting the release of a new version to begin a detailed study of the code base).